Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Next Exhibition...

As a lot of you will know, every year I have an exhibition at the Boathouse Gallery in Kinsale, County Cork, for the whole month of September. This is what I have been working towards lately...

(If you follow my Facebook updates you have already seen a few images..!)

If you haven't seen any of them on Facebook, here is a little preview...

"Room with A View"

I have an official date for the Opening...
Friday August 22nd at 7pm. Come and join me for glass of wine and a chat, and meet my co-exhibitor and fellow artist Mark Eldred.

Kinsale is a fantastic town that I am very fond of, it's pretty, colourful, great food, and cute boutiques and galleries...

The Boathouse Gallery is a lovely space full of natural light,

And Liz the owner is so great!

So come and join us at the opening, and please make sure to say hello. If you miss the opening, the paintings will be on show for the whole month of September.

My website will be updated shortly with all the new pieces for the show! 

Hope to see you there,

Amélie :)

Well I have

Saturday, 12 July 2014

What's happening with my Blog..?

I know, I have given it very little attention lately...  You may remember me mentioning that I was working on a new website.. If you don't, well, in a nutshell, I am working on a website which will present my original paintings, showcase my art licensing portfolio, house an online shop with my prints and jewellery, AND my blog, all under one roof.  This is why I have been so absent from my blog, I was always hoping I would get the new one up and post from there... But juggling motherhood, a part-time job, and preparing for my annual show in Kinsale at the end of August is not always easy!

But all in good times,  it is coming along nicely, and I'm looking forward to show you the new overall image...! Here's a sneak peek of a part of the front page:

Friday, 4 October 2013

Update on the Lilla Rogers Contest...

You may recall the competition I entered a while ago, it was a talent search organised by a great licensing agency... I wrote about my first assignment in this blog post... And here is the image that was submitted! (It was a design for a journal cover..)

Well, sadly I didn't make it to the 50 finalists...! I really thought I had a shot, but there you go... There was over a thousand entries so competition was fierce and I was up against some very talented artists/illustrators... You can have a look at the works of the finalists right here..

The winners were announced yesterday on Lilla's blog...  And here is a design from the Grand Prize winner, Zoe Ingram:

Thank you for all those who left lovely comments and encouragements about my entry...!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Studio Tour... Finally!

I have been promising this post for quite a while so I apologise for the delay..!

As you know, I moved house back in January... With the arrival of my little man, I needed the extra space and an extra room altogether, and this was a golden opportunity to really think through how I would like my studio to be... Here is how it turned out:

Studio overview..! Yes, it is baby toys you see at the bottom right :)

Pinterest was of course a great source of inspiration, and the "artist studio" and "craft studio" threads were devoured.. I can't stop looking at these, honest! Budget being "as little as possible", I ended up on my beloved Ikea website, and planned the whole studio around what they had available...
It was like Christmas morning when all this stuff was delivered!

Basically, the working surfaces are LINNMON tables, the cubic bookcases are EXPEDIT and the bookcases on each side of the window are BILLY wall shelves turned sideways...

My huge belly slowed me down a bit but I managed to do it all...!

The unit on the left is a wardrobe which was already there, it houses my bigger items like blank canvasses, empty boxes for wrapping etc...
"Une place pour chaque chose, chaque chose à sa place"

The main part of my studio is this window facing surface, which is where I paint to have maximum daylight... All my tubes are in simple euro store baskets.  Did I mention the view...? ;)

The beautiful countryside a few minutes from Killarney...

The next "station" (where my laptop is) is the jewellery making surface, although I haven't made any yet since I moved here.. (Just starting now for Christmas!) All the pretty boxes above the shelf contain the different little components and tools to make my pendants, earring etc...
I love my red polka dot chair cushion from Penney's...

Then you have my very handy studio couch... Since I'm renting, I couldn't just get rid of the single bed that was in the room, so I pushed the bottom of the bed under the table, put a long cushion against the wall and now it's a handy size couch perfect for daydreaming and taking a rest to play with William, (and the studio doubles up as a guest room when needed).
Spending some time with my little man...

Under the main tables I have plenty of space to slide plastic containers, and bed side cabinets holding more crafty supplies.

Last but not least  is my printing  and wrapping station which I am quite happy with... All done with inexpensive shelving from Argos and Homebase, with the exception of the white surface that is sitting on top of the shelves. I had it especially made for the space so it's the most expensive (€50)  item in my studio furniture believe or not! I wanted it to match the surface of my main tables...

So there..! This is where I spend whatever time my little boss is letting me, be it during his nap or when he is happy out on his activity mat on the studio floor. My new studio cost me about €300 and a little elbow grease and was well worth it, and all the different components would be easy to move and adapt to a new space when the time comes.

Do you have a space for creating..? Feel free to share a link in the comments if you like!

Amélie :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

TA DAAAAA!! My First assignment for the Lilla Rogers Talent Search...

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had entered a talent search organised by Lilla Rogers Studio... You can read the original post here!

Well..! I was very excited to get the first assignment and I'm happy to say I completed it on time... The brief was to create a journal cover, on the theme of old style playground... Swings, seesaw etc. After doing some visual research, I started to work on some sketching elements...:

 And then I started to juggle with the composition I would use, and came up with two main ideas... Both of them would be using an original painting, but I wasn't sure if I would use the painting for the full page, or use it in a cameo-type way...

So as I prepared my sketch on the canvas, I drew in some "guides" to make sure the composition would be interesting no matter which option I would choose in the end...:

And I started to work...

I picked a fresh palette of turquoise, lime green and coral, and here is the finished piece..!

After a lot of thinking and a few trial and errors, I decided I would use my second idea, the cameo one. Since they are looking for a licensing artist, I figured it would be good to show how my images can be "manipulated" and that I am able to do it. (Well, I'm still learning!!)  So here is the final image I submitted for Round 1:

TaDaaaa! I must say I am quite pleased with my final result. The scallopped edge wasn't planned but I though it worked well to make the piece fun and a little girly. I know you probably can't tell from this image, but the binding on the side uses the texture of the areas of the canvas painted in turquoise, instead of just putting a flat colour... And the coral background has a subtle linen texture to it. Chosing the font was also a huge fun part of the work, (the brief said the word MUST be present somewhere) I adore browsing through fonts and I think this one works well with the overall feel of the image.

Out of the hundreds? thousands? applications for Round 1, only 50 will be selected. These will be announced on August 1st, so fingers crossed!!! In the mean time, I would be delighted to hear your thoughts...

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Some Licensing News...

I know, I know, I haven't written anything on my blog since, like, forever...! I have good excuses though, as I recently became a mommy and I also moved to a new house and organised a new studio, I promise I will do a big blog post about all that.. but in the mean time, some interesting developments...

Some of you will know that I am trying to get into the world of art licensing... For those of you unfamiliar with licensing, to make a long story short, it's when a company or a manufacturer contact you to use your art on their product, and then you earn a percentage of royalties when the product sells. I think my art could look pretty well on a variety of products! I made this little tear sheet to illustrate a few examples..
 Well, fingers crossed, I may have landed a deal that would see my art on some products for a big UK based company, which would be unbelievable...! It will take a while before I hear something, but I will let you know...!

ALSO, I have recently entered a "Talent Search" organised by Lilla Rogers Studio, who is one of the best agents out there to represent artists internationnally for the purpose of licensing...

The process will be done over a few months, with a few assignments along the way, but this could mean a major jump in the art licensing world for the winner... There is a great little video about it if you click on the image above, I just cannot seem to be able to upload it here...

The winner will have 2 years representation with the agency and a few licensing contract with a few very interesting companies... I will have my first assignments on the 1st of July... Looking forward to it!!!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year... and my list of Goals...!

 Best wishes for the new year...! Let me share my goals for 2013 with you...

In 2013 I want to..:

-find an art licensing agent
-get a first licensing contract
-have a better website to show my licensing collection
-have one solo exhibition
-appear in 2 publications
-find more retailers for my signed limited edition prints
-outsource the framing of my prints
-publish and distribute a better range of greeting cards
-set up a new and more efficient studio
-improve my production of jewellery
-get a studio intern for a little help (that's a maybe!)
-experiment with new jewellery models
-paint 25 paintings
-reach 2000 fans on Facebook
-to keep better track of my accounts
-give birth to a healthy baby
-learn how to juggle artist life and motherhood

This list is not as long as some previous ones, and I have kept the goals somewhat realistic with my expected arrival in April... Some of these goals also figured in my list of last year and I have yet to accomplish them..!

I think we should all have a list and refer to it a few times during the year to keep on track, personal goals, career goals etc... An other task I will have to do is to break down some of these goals into a task list to help me achieve them... I'm not out of the woods yet..!

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